Time Broadcast Speaker
8:30am Ready for the Judgement Broadcast Evangelist Larry Tinsley
9:00am Brinkman Adventures Various Missionary Stories
12:00pm Take Five Ray Aiken
2:00pm I Want to Know More Evangelist Lamar Owen
4:00pm Hoopers Creek Radio Broadcast Pastor Phillip Youngblood
7:00pm Your Story Hour  
9:00pm Pulpit Hour Various Preachers
Time Broadcast Speaker
8:00am Midway Bible Baptist Broadcast Pastor Ricky Lee
8:30am Victory Through the Blood Pastor Stanley Adcock
10:00am Teaching Timeless Truths Pastor Roger Walton
11:30am Anchor Baptist Broadcast Pastor Randy Barton
12:30pm Pressing On (Progress Baptist Church) Pastor Doug Raynes
1:00pm Fair Haven Radio Broadcast Pastor Chris Norris
1:30pm Community Baptist Broadcast Pastor Paul Raines
2:00pm Sunday Afternoon is the Scriptures   Pastor Jim Seaton 
2:30pm Sunday afternoons with Bro Dean Pastor Scott Dean
3:30pm Antioch Baptist Broadcast Brother Jerry Lively
4:00pm The Pastor's Study Brother Gino Caseria
4:30 PM Highways and Hedges Brother Robert Jones
5:00 PM Anchored to the Cross Various Preachers
6:30pm Anchor Baptist Broadcast Pastor Randy Barton
9:00pm Pulpit Hour Various Preachers